Dr. Howard Liebgold, M.D., who overcame a claustrophobic condition of 31 years, has dedicated his life to helping people with anxieties, phobias, and OCD. With his products, he reveals the techniques that he has used to help over 10,000+ patients to conquer their fears. His MP3s are below available for download.
Product ID : Assertmp3
Curing Anxiety: Lectures 1-3 mp3
Product ID : CurAnxiety1-3mp3
Curing Anxiety: Lectures 4-7 mp3
Product ID : CurAnx4-7mp3
Curing Anxiety: Lectures 8-10 mp3
Product ID : CurAnxiety8-10mp3
Fearless Flying mp3
Product ID : flymp3
Overcoming Stage Fright mp3
Product ID : stagemp3
Relaxation MP3
Product ID : Relaxmp3