Curing Anxiety, Phobias, Shyness &
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
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Dr. Fear  

by Doctor Howard Liebgold, aka Dr. Fear

If you are Shy or have Panic Attacks or Fear public speaking, driving, flying, bridges, elevators, shopping mall, supermarkets, leaving home, escalators, social contacts, busses, BART, subways, crowds, being alone, insects, animals,  dentists, doctors or any of the over two hundred recognized phobias or suffer recurrent, disturbing thoughts or have to perform endless ritualistic behaviors, you owe it to yourself to begin this program and start your cure

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Home course
Home CD/DVD Course..$175
Home DVD Course..$155
Home CD Course..$85


The Adult Manual..21.95
The Adult Manual (with Relaxation CD)..34.95
The Children\'s Manual.(with Relaxation CD)..24.95
Children\'s Self Starter Set..48.95
4 Supplements (Phobease Revisited)..27.95


Digital Downloads (MP3\'s)


MP3: Curing Anxiety, Lectures 1-3...9.95
MP3: Curing Anxiety, Lectures 4-7...9.95
MP3: Curing Anxiety, Lectures 8-10...9.95
MP3: Relaxation...9.95

MP3: Assertiveness...9.95
MP3: Overcoming Stage Fright...9.95
MP3: Fearless Flying...9.95



3 CD Set: Curing Anxiety (10 Lectures)..29.95
Relaxation CD..14.00
Fearless Flying CD..16.00
Fearless Driving CD..16.00
How to be Happy CD..16.00
Co-Dependency CD..16.00
Assertiveness CD..16.00
Speaking in Public CD..16.00
Overcoming Shyness CD..16.00

Self Esteem (2 CD Set)..30.00
3 DVD Set: Curing Anxiety (10 Lectures)..99.00

Howard Liebgold, M.D., a physiatrist, who overcame a claustrophobic condition of 31 years reveals the techniques that he has used to help over 9,000 patients to conquer their fears. Affectionately known as Dr. Fear, Howard Liebgold was awarded California\'s Physician of the Year in 1991.  During his medical career, spanning more than 35 years, he served as Chief of Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation, Head of the Chronic Pain Management Clinic, as well as teaching his phobia classes every week.  He has been internationally recognized as a professional Lecturer, including speaking at  the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco and the Million Round Table in Toronto.  Dr. Liebgold is a national expert, featured in many Newspaper/Magazine articles and has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Evening Magazine and the BBC.

In the course of a few weeks, you will learn with warmth and humor, simple but powerful methods for the cure of your symptoms and how to stop panic attacks. You will learn the strategies and coping mechanisms to gently and safely overcome your devastating, constricting fears or Obsessive Compulsive behaviors (Click here for an excerpt on Chapter One).  

Using his simple techniques, you will learn how to switch off your fear responses, unlearn faulty thought processes, destructive brain programs and what to do about them, shyness tools, increase your self-esteem and how to be HAPPY!  Also included to help encourage your VICTORIES are case victories of class graduates, a complete workbook and suggested reading and phobia organizations to help you now. This program has helped transform the lives of thousands of people living in fear into thousands of people loving their lives!




Home CD & DVD Course includes:
The Book: "Curing Phobias, Shyness & Obsessive Compulsive Disorders" - $22
Three DVDs of class lectures - $99

Three CDs of class lectures - $30
Four Class supplements PHOBEASE REVISITED - $28
Class relaxation CD - $14
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HOME DVD COURSE: The Manual plus three DVDs, Relaxation CD
and Four class supplements
(the mail price is only $163, which includes S&H).

HOME CD COURSE: The Manual plus Three CDS, One Relaxation CD and Four class supplements
(available for $93 by mail, which includes S&H).

SELF STARTER SET: The Manual plus a relaxation CD (the mail price is only $40, which includes S&H).

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